By: Jim Cherney | 10-20-2016 | News
Photo credit: Donald Trump

Potential for civil war exists, if Clinton rigs November election results in her favor

Donald Trump’s decision on accepting the November election results depends on if the elections are fair. If there is obvious election fraud he is likely not to accept the results.

What does this mean to ordinary Americans?

The custom of the losing candidate conceding to the winning candidate is at stake. It means that Donald Trump may not concede the election if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win fair and square.

What happens if Donald Trump does not concede to an election result that is tampered with, or rigged by bussing voters across different state lines?

In the worst case scenario, it could mean civil war breaking out in the United States. Although this is a remote possibility, the American citizens may not accept the election result, and might react violently. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump has the endorsement of the police from all over the United States. He has the endorsement of the Border Patrol, and most senior military leaders either active or retired. Over 200 have endorsed him publicly. The living Medal of Honor recipients have also endorsed Donald Trump. In case of civil war, it is likely that Donald Trump would become the next President of the United States, because the people able to mount an organized military action have all endorsed Trump for President.

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gas the kikes

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