By Major James Burdock  |  04-18-2017   News
Photo credit: Cleveland Police Department


After a brief pursuit shortly after 11am in Erie, Pensylvania, Steve Stephens was cornered and killed himself in front of PA State Troopers.

Spike strips were deployed and a "pit maneuver" was used by pursuing police.

An ambulance was called to the scene but left without a patient.

Stephens was known to frequent casinos in the area. Police knew as early as Sunday that Stephens was near Erie after successfully pinging his cell phone.

Chief Calvin Williams stated that Stephens' vehicle was spotted at a McDonald's on the east side of Erie by an aware citizen who phoned police. A short pursuit ensued.

Williams, referring to his officers said, "for them, it's not over." This was after pleading with the media to leave responding officers alone. These officers were obviously affected by witnessing the suicide.

Responding to the social media aspect of this case, Chief Williams stated, "We can't do this in this country. We just can't."


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Erie, PA Mayor News Conference


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