By Ron Cordova  |  10-20-2016   News
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Top spies and experts have been long trying to get hard info about the nuclear launch response times. The amount of time between giving the order for a nuclear strike, and the nuclear missiles launching has forever been a closely guarded state secret.

It has once been purely speculated to be five minutes, but no official has ever confirmed or denied such a claim - until tonight. Clinton, in a calculated move, gave a precise "four minutes" as our country's response time.

As a previous Secretary of State, she is now the first US government official to release such an important state secret. She doubled down on her claim by having her staff tweet twice about it during the debate. Her pre-prepared tweets prove that this was a calculated move. Is it possible to trust her to be in a position of power while wielding such a blatant disregard for highly classified information?

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Anonymous No. 241 1477011807

I think she should be hanged

Windpiper No. 242 1477011913

This is a highly treasonous act and it belittles our people. Due to the lack of FBI interest, the only course of action is a citizens arrest.

Brock No. 243 1477012041

Windpiper, unfortunately I don't see a citizen's arrest as a possibility, unless that citizen is a member of the secret service.

Anonymous No. 244 1477012095

>mfw I done treason and gotsaway wid it

Anonymous No. 247 1477012526


H No. 250 1477023733

It's True! Hillary traveled back in time and published an article on a website telling America's enemies all of our nuclear secrets. Such a nasty time traveling woman.

Anonymous No. 254 1477109434

Hillary isnt a time traveler. She said she couldnt afford it in the wikileaks.

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