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Assad's Wife Warned: Stop Supporting Husband's Regime Or Lose British Citizenship

Bashar al-Assad's wife is in danger of losing her British citizenship if she continues to support her dictator husband. The Liberal Democrats have threatened that they will send a letter to the Home Office demanding that Asma al-Assad's British citizenship be revoked.

Asma al-Assad was born in Acton, West London and worked as an investment banker before she married in 2000. She has been using her social media accounts, which counts more than 500,000 followers, to attack the West and praise those she considers the Syrian regime's "martyrs."

Tom Brake, the party's foreign affairs spokesman, has accused the Syrian first lady of acting as spokesperson for the Syrian presidency. Syria under her husband Bashar al- Assad has been accused of launching a gas nerve attack against its own people that killed more than 80 innocent people including those President Trump described as 'beautiful babies'.

Brake strongly described Assad's regime as "barbarous" yet he said Asma Assad continued to use her international profile to defend it, even after the atrocity of the chemical weapons. Brake also said that foreign secretary Boris Johnson has urged other countries to do more about Syria, but he thinks the British government could also demand more from Asma: either stop using her position to defend barbaric acts, or be stripped of her citizenship.

He stressed that it is within the government's rights to deprive someone of his or her citizenship if it is conducive to the public good, and if that person has prejudiced or has negatively affected the interests of the United Kingdom.Home Secretary Amber Rudd has the power to take away Assad's citizenship under the British Nationality Act.

Brake said doing so would be vital to the interests of the UK. He said that there's enough justification for the act given that the Assad regime has presided over a sickening civil war that has brought instability to the region and enabled terrorism to flourish. Brake also pointed out that Asma Assad enjoys dual citizenship so she remains a British citizen, and of the regime to which she is so publicly committed.

Assad, 41, and mother of three has recently criticized the West for what she called double standards in the coverage of the war in Syria.


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