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ISIS Launches Gas Attack On Iraqi Troop In Mosul

The mainstream media won't report on the chemical attack that ISIS launched on Iraq troops in Mosul. The chemical attack was launched on Sunday and it was confirmed to have been conducted by ISIS. The media will barely report on the incident because it's part of the Assad must go the first strategy. In other words, any chemical weapons press that ISIS sustains destroys the Assad has chemical weapons narrative.

It's a well-known fact that ISIS possesses chemical weapons and uses them freely. A great example would be Sunday's chemical attack that claimed the lives of at least six Iraqi soldiers. Reports indicate that the soldiers suffered inhalation problems after ISIS launched the chemical attack.

ISIS launched the chemical attack in a recently-liberated area of Mosul. The incident marks the second chemical weapons strike from ISIS in just two days. The jihadist forces are trying to push back Iraqi government forces' advance into Mosul.

A statement made by the spokesman for the Joint Operation Command in Iraq revealed that the Islamic State attacked government troops in western Mosul with a type of gas. Brigadier General Yahya Rasool said that six soldiers suffered breathing problems from the attack and were treated at a field clinic.

The incident occurred a day after a gas attack was launched in the al-Abar neighborhood in western Mosul. The Iraqi military confirmed that ISIS was responsible for the attack.

Reports from two army officers indicate that masks and other equipment have been distributed to forces in case of future gas attacks. The officers spoke anonymously as they were not authorized to speak to media.

In other reports from RT, security sources told the AhlulBayt News Agency that missiles were loaded with chlorine and were fired at the al-Abar neighborhood. The Iraq's Federal Police reported that the chemical weapons agents were fired from the Urouba and Bab Jadid districts on Saturday.

The area, which is controlled by extremists has 400,000 people trapped with little to no options. Meanwhile, the Iraqi forces are making slow progress in liberating the rest of the city from the jihadists.

Six months ago, the operation to liberate Iraq's second largest city was launched on the 16th of October. Mosul was thought to be an extreme challenge for Iraqi forces since the city has narrow street and hence armored vehicles and tanks find it hard to find their way. This is one of the reasons that the Iraqi forces are making slow progress.


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