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No to Sex, Yes to Knitting: Women Weigh In On The Sex Issue

It turns out that majority of women prefer reading a book or knitting to having sex. These findings are based on a survey conducted amongst 1,000 women. It was found out that the majority prefer reading a book or knitting to having sex.

The poll consisted of women aged between 18-50. The results indicated that 18 per cent of women would rather do a craft activity like knitting, sewing, painting or card-making instead of having sex with their partner. 

The participants were asked to pick from a range of options if they were given a spare moment to relax, women chose reading a good book as their top option, trumping sex, crafting or having a bath.

Majority choose reading a book which totaled to 37 per cent, followed by having a bath which was 26 per cent then 18 percent preferred Crafting (Knitting, sewing etc) and then 8 percent preferred having sex.

The poll also found out that 77 per cent of women often felt stressed and anxious. The poll was marking the launch of the novel Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses by author Carole Matthews earlier this month.

The poll indicated that 36 per cent of the women polled said their stress levels had rocketed in the wake of the events of 2016, including Brexit, Trump's election and financial worries.

One of the participants identified as Claire Harper aged 39 from Hertford, indicated that if they get an hour to herself she usually gets into the bath with a good book.  She emphasized that she enjoys knitting as well and would probably choose an hour with a ball of wool than with her partner.

She indicated that her partner would rather go down the pub or watch YouTube if he had an hour to himself, so she’d have no-one to have sex with anyway.

Jo Hemmings, who is a behavioral psychologist said that in these stressful times, it's natural that people turn to activities that not only give them a sense of purpose and achievement but also allow their minds to switch off from anxiety and relax.

Hemmings indicated that the information and news that is bombarding us at every level, and not all of it being what we might want to hear, the brain needs to de-strain and replenish its energy reserves with more rewarding and pleasurable activities. Hemmings revealed that enjoyment and focusing on a craft that we enjoy is the perfect solution to calm down.


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