By Major Burdock   |  04-17-2018   News
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After the dust settled in Syria, many people began questioning their support of Trump. We'll be looking in on folks from around the world to see if they hate or love him more. Diana, Phil and Burdock will also be recapping the best stories of the week as reported on

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Jayne No. 23305 1523930970

I Love Donald Trump. He is the best person with the best character to repair this country, destroy the Deep State and evil NWO Cabal that threatens humanity. Trump and our military will save us. He is still my daddy and I'm getting my info from Q. Trump speaks to us through Q. Q is one of the most exciting things in my life right now. I can't get enough Trump and I can't get enough Q. Together they are amazing.

Marie No. 23306 1523931340

There will always be hatemongers and shit disturbers and when you give them power to hurt other people without prosecution in the name of racism, you get injustice. You get reverse racism. Is it more just when colored people hurt other people to punish them for their skin color?

Anonymous No. 23307 1523932060

Donald Trump is the greatest President in American History

Anonymous No. 23309 1523935148

Bottom line.

The WMD's HAD to be destroyed. Really does not matter WHO owned them or controlled them or used them in the past. They had to be destroyed before they could be used more or again.

Fredrick Brennan No. 23310 1523935368

drumpf is finished

Red Plague No. 23312 1523941217

He warned the Russians like the last time.

100 missiles, 30 hit, only 3 casualties.

I'd say that speaks a lot about Trumps willingness not to start WWIII or even hurt Syria too much. But he had to do something.

Anonymous No. 23322 1523958003

I'll support a Pro-America leader like Trump, over a Pro-Islamic America is Bad liberal leader like Obama any day.

Sean No. 23323 1523961605

Needed to take out deep state access to chem weapons so he could focus on the real issues. These attacks are distractions and an attempt to draw him into a conflict.

Stay strong Trump, say focused, drain the swamp for good. #MAGA

Johnny Neptune No. 23432 1524059931

Congratulations !!… You finally managed to type a (one paragraph long) news article (?) without misspelling any one syllable words.

Anonymous No. 23433 1524060468


Go back to Kiwi Farms.

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