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New Zealand Mother Fears Burglar Ate Her Placenta

Sometimes petty burglars spare nothing when taking valuable things in houses they are stealing from. Except that it becomes odd when something does not really have high monetary value but big on sentimental and rare value.

An Auckland mother is heartbroken as she fears that a burglar did not just steal her son's placenta but- gasp- gross as it may sound, may have even eaten it!

35-year old Loralie Burns said that her son's placenta was being preserved in her freezer, along with the frozen meat. But she received upsetting news on Saturday when her former landlord informed her a burglar entered her old house.

Burns has just moved to another property within the suburb of Sunnyvale, but her washing machine and fridge-freezer were still at the old property. And here's the gross catch- the thief ransacked the vacant house, going through kitchen cupboards and taking off with the contents of the freezer: some meat that was due to be thrown out, anyway, and a precious, Tupperware container holding an important thing for Burns as a mother.

Burns said that her mind's still blown from the incident. Along with the meat that was ready to go to the garbage bin soon, the freezer also holds a plastic container that has her placenta in it.

The mother kept the placenta after giving birth to her now five-month-old son, Dante. She said that the placenta holds a huge sentimental value to her, and her family was even planning to bury it somewhere special. They were considering burying the placenta along with her partner's mom's ashes.

Now, Burns is all disturbed. She could not remember exactly if her midwife had properly labeled the container. Burns desperately wants it back, and hoping against hope that- gasp again- "no one eats it". Because if someone indeed consumed the thing, Burns said she will be tormented for a long time".

As hopeful as she would have wanted to, Burns feels that the only reason for anyone to steal the placenta is to "eat it".

Still, she is appealing to the burglar to just return the placenta, to drop it back at her old place. Burns said that she does not even need to know who the thief is, or why he or she did it. She just wants it back with no questions asked.

The placenta is an organ that joins the mother and baby during pregnancy. It gives the incoming baby oxygen and nutrients while in the womb. For its sentimental value, some mothers wish to bring it home to plant a tree, for example, to commemorate the birth. Some prefer to eat it at home for an energy boost, encourage milk production, and even prevent post-natal depression.

Some mothers prefer to drink it, prepare it like a smoothie. Hospitals, however, vary in their policy in allowing mothers to bring their placenta home. Medical practitioners warn that placenta is a biohazard since it is full of blood and could pose a public health nightmare.


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