By: Savannah Smith | 04-17-2017 | News
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London Attack Terrorist: Alcoholic Degenerate Gambler

It turns out that Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood accumulated debts as he fed an addiction to Lotto scratch cards. The 52-year-old jihadist was struggling to pay off two payday loans when he was shot dead outside Parliament.

Masood was also behind with his taxes and had struck a deal to cough up $125 a month. Unfortunately, he was so hooked on scratchcards. He misused his finances on them. Masood’s car and gun rampage claimed the lives of five people. He was also an alcoholic as reports indicate that he made trips to the supermarket for booze.

A statement revealed by a store owner where Masood often shop revealed that he bought a lot of scratchcards and that he always smelt of alcohol.

Masood’s former flatmate confirmed that he had a problem with gambling and booze. Something that did not fit in with his faith since both habits are banned.

Masood was shot dead outside Parliament following the fatal attack that he unleashed he mowed down pedestrians along Westminster Bridge. He stabbed to death the hero PC Keith Palmer who was aged 48-years-old. The attack claimed the lives of four people.

Surprisingly, Masood did not appear to have a job, yet he loved gambling. Reports from the ex-flatmate indicated that they never saw him go to work. As a result, he spent most of his money in the addictions that he had.

Masood had made three trips to Saudi Arabia in his lifetime. Although millions of foreigners from around the world live and work in the Saudi Arabia kingdom, Masood’s time there immediately raised questions about whether the country’s ultraconservative brand of Islam impacted his worldview causing the insanity that was experienced in Westminster where he plowed into innocent citizens.


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