By: Earnest Jones | 10-19-2016 | News
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Trump Hacked The Foreign Policy Politics

The Republican nominee Donald Trump has unleashed several foreign policies, some of the policies have been welcomed while others have been criticized and termed as unrealistic; such include the proposal to build a wall around Mexico and force the Mexican government to facilitate the construction of the same wall. Trumps policies have also been termed as unrealistic, incoherent, and contradictory such include the proposal to withdraw from NATO. It’s important to note that the criticism often comes from the so-called experts and several opponents in the Democratic Party. However, as much as the experts boo and criticize the proposals, Trump’s supporters and the various people attending his rallies appear to be impressed by the proposal.

Various American politics scholars have claimed that the Republican nominee Donald Trump has hacked the foreign policy politics by effectively using the international issues as a means of connecting with the voters. Trump has also used the gut-level fears that the American people are experiencing to appeal to the voters. Apart from the fears, Trump has also used the American people’s desire to propagate his campaign, this has worked wonders amongst the voters. The whole strategy seeks to ensure that Trump avoids matters in the mainstream and focuses on the international issues.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are set to face-off during the final debate which will take place today on the 19th of October; the main agenda is set to be foreign policy. It’s therefore right for both candidates to arm themselves with adequate proposals that will appeal to the voters.

Many voters have confirmed that they barely care about foreign policy. However, most voters have claimed that they often listen to the candidates as the outline their foreign policy proposals; they consequently use the same proposals to evaluate and analyze the candidates values and suitability for the presidential seat..

The Republican nominee seems to understand the void that appears amongst the voters who seem not to understand matters concerning foreign policy; Trump therefore uses this dynamic to propagate and propose ideas that experts claim can be hardly implemented. However, Trumps Ideas appeal to the voters since they portray Trump to be a strong and big headed man.

It’s very crucial for the presidential candidates to extensively address matters of foreign policy, this is because they must prove that they are fit for the presidential seat by appealing to the various institutions that care about the foreign policy matters, policy makers, and the political parties.

Foreign policy unlike the domestic issues is often left out by many citizens who barely care about it. Therefore, foreign policy is left out to the institutions that determine the acceptability of the debate to a great extent. This often possess a major challenge to the aspiring candidates, but Trump is not one of them; Donald Trump financed a greater part of his campaign and consequently, he hacked the politics of foreign policy and managed to use the policies to his own advantage.

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