Cleveland Facebook Shooting Excuse for White Supremacists to Shoot Random Blacks?

By Major James Burdock, The Goldwater · 04-17-2017
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That's precisely what self-described "Top Gang Thug, Anti-Racism Strategist and Constitution Advocate" Tariq Nasheed suggested in a Tweet to his 176,000 followers.

"Some of these white supremacists in Cleveland might use that Facebook killer as an excuse to shoot random Black ppl.So be careful out there."

Tariq Nasheed, also known as Tariq Elite, King Flex, and K-Flex, writes black dating books, produces documentaries, is a television personality, radio host, and social commentator.

Response to the suggestion was mostly silence by his followers. It quickly turned to disbelief how an anti-racist activist could suggest that a black psychopath shooting a kind black elderly man at random could provoke such a warning.


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