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Taming North Korea? China and Russia dispatch Ships After US Aircraft Carrier

China and Russia Combine Forces To Follow U.S.

Aircraft Carrier In The Korean Peninsula

Japanese media reported that China and Russia have both sent spy vessels to follow a U.S. aircraft carrier group heading to North Korean waters in the face of rising tensions with the rogue state's nuclear ambitions.

The Yomiuri Shimbun with several sources from the Japanese government said that both China and Russia want to investigate the movements of the U.S. The Trump administration has said that a military option remains on the table if North Korea continues to behave very, very badly in relation to its nuclear ambitions.

President Trump has sent a navy group led by the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson into the region to send a strong message to Pyongyang. Trump said the U.S. military is building and rapidly becoming stronger than before. He said that frankly, the U.S. has no choice but to strengthen its military capabilities. He described the force as an " armada" and also said that the submarines he ordered dispatched were far more powerful than the aircraft carrier.

The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group with guided-missile destroyers and other vessels is believed to be around the East China Sea and heading north toward waters near the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. has been asking China to do more to contain North Korea's nuclear ambitions. China opted to seek the help of Russia instead to stop a potential crisis over North Korea. There are growing concerns in China over the possibility of the U.S. confronting North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.

China and Russia joint sending of intelligence-gathering vessels is in part aimed at sending a "warning signal" to the United States. Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov after all earlier said that the issue over North Korea's nuclear ambitions should be resolved peacefully through political and diplomatic efforts. But North Korea has been acting aggressively with several nuclear arms tests in the recent past, causing tensions to rise in the region and cause worries to U.S. close allies Japan and South Korea.

After the 105th anniversary of the birth of the nation's founder Kim Il Sung on April 15 where the regime displayed in full force its military and arms might, North Korea will celebrate next the 85th anniversary of the foundation of its military on April 25.

North Korea attempted to launch a missile yesterday but it failed. Experts believe the reclusive state will keep trying, anyway. North Korea through its barbaric dictator Kim Jong-Un has been threatening to conduct its first nuclear test since September last year. If it succeeds, it will already be its sixth test. It is also threatening to test-launch intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The U.S. move to send its aircraft carrier strike group is meant to increase military pressure on North Korea to control its aggression and nuclear arms ambitions.

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