By Jim Cherney  |  10-19-2016   News
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With the electoral college polling bringing Donald Trump closer to victory, Hillary Clinton may be planning her exit strategy. Mike Cernovich recently reported on Twitter that Trump has already clinched 264 Electoral votes. To win the US presidential election 270 are required. If Trump can get positive results from the upcoming poll that will be moderated by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace. Potentially Donald Trump can cement a landslide victory if he can hold steady during this debate.

The EU times has reported a controversial money transfer from the Clinton Foundation this week to Qatar of $1.8 Billion USD. The Qatar has started vacating one of the Royal residences for a visitor that is expected sometime in November. Qatar has long been a political supporter of the Clintons, and the Clinton foundation. This country has no extradition with the United States, and would be a likely spot for Clinton to escape to, if Donald Trump follows through with his campaign promise to jail Hillary Clinton for the treasonous activities she has been involved in the past few years.

How did the Clinton Foundation amass 1.8 billion dollars so rapidly?

Has it been emptied in an anticipated loss in disgrace for the Democratic presidential candidate?

On Saturday Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, from the famed Wikileaks email hack, and Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase met. Within hours of this meeting the 1.8 billion was transferred to Qatar. The Clinton’s have done so many favors for the Qatar regime in the past that they even gave Bill Clinton a 1-million-dollar birthday present.

If this rumor turns out to be true, and Hillary is allowed to escape to Qatar after losing the election in November. There would be no extradition legally required, since no treaty is in place between Qatar and the USA. Military force would be the only way to extract her, once she is on the ground in Qatar.

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Anonymous No. 245 1477012484

I say let them keep her

Anonymous No. 246 1477012495


Anonymous No. 248 1477012622

Her plane should not even be allowed to get that far. Why should we let her take 1.8 billion dollars of our tax money to QATAR?

DJ JAM No. 261 1477216707

Good riddance!!! :))) Let her go and wear the burqa! :)))

nan nygaard No. 265 1477260211

Cannot post this article to FB!?? Also not allowing attached article from "desktop" in email to arrive??

Patriot from Kansas No. 267 1477341119

Send in Navy Seal to extract and bring her back for prosecution.

Anonymous No. 464 1479013961

Its happpening

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