By: Savannah Smith | 04-16-2017 | News
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North Korea Launches Missile Today- And Fails!

Rogue state North Korea attempted to launch an unidentified missile today. It was done near Sinpo on the reclusive country's east coast. The information comes from South Korea's military. The launch attempt is said to have failed. Pentagon has just confirmed the North Korean failed missile launch. The missile launch attempt comes only a day after dictator North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un presided over a big parade where his military troops were gathered in a show of force before the world.

More interestingly, what appeared to be new ballistic missiles were on display, including long-range and submarine-based missiles. Kim also took the time yesterday to greet his missile arsenal chief. April 15 is considered the most important day in North Korea as the nation celebrates the birth anniversary of its founder, Kim il-Sung, the grandfather of the current barbaric leader. Tensions have been rising in the world the past week leading to yesterday's ' The Day of the Sun' celebrations in North Korea as there were wide fears that North Korea will coincide their big day with yet another nuclear arms test, as what it has been threatening lately.

The U.S. has strongly warned, however, of preemptive moves of its own to prevent North Korea from making good on its threats of nuclear arms test. The U.S. has sent two destroyer vessels in the Korean peninsula, along with heavy bombers positioned in Guam and USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group in the area. The U.S. military continues to be on stand by for any provocative actions of North Korea.

The U.S. has been most vocal in opposing North Korea's nuclear ambitions. President Trump said the country will take military action against North Korea if it keeps behaving very, very badly. North Korea is already under several U.N. sanctions for its nuclear arms aggressive expansion program. President Trump has been praised for his tough handling of the North Korea issue.


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