By: Lawrence Synder | 10-19-2016 | News
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RNC Agrees with Donald Trump’s Claim That Election is Rigged

Several members of the Republican National Committee have expressed their support for Donald Trump and his claim that the election in November will be rigged in favor of his rival Hillary Clinton. According to these officials, the Democratic Party will most likely employ various strategies to control the outcome of the election.

For the past couple of weeks, Trump has been under attack from his political opponents and the liberal media. According to the presidential candidate, these parties are conspiring against him to destroy his reputation before the election on Nov. 8.

But aside from this, he also claims that certain parts of the election process will be controlled by the Democratic Party to ensure that Clinton wins.

Peter Goldberg, a committeeman for the RNC, shares this perspective and also believes that that the Democrats will turn to various styles of cheating to turn the tides of the election.

“I do believe that there are elements that will try to rig the election on varying degrees of scale and this will certainly affect the outcome in varying degrees,” he told Politico.

Fellow RNC member Lori Klein Corbin also said that Trump’s political rivals will most likely use voter fraud to keep him from getting elected into office. This is very similar to what Trump said during his recent campaign rally in Wisconsin.

According to the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, the Democrats have used illegal immigrants and even deceased citizens to increase voter turnout and support for Barack Obama back in 2008. He explained that through name-checks in various cities and states, he was able to confirm that a percentage of the individuals who voted for Obama were actually not eligible to register as voters, The Washington Times reported.

Despite Trump’s claims and findings, election administrators for the GOP assured him that the elections in the states they are in charge of will be fair under their guidance. Jon Husted, the Secretary of State in Ohio, noted that he’ll personally make sure that the election in his state will not be marred by cheating.

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