By Earnest Wright  |  04-15-2017   News
Photo credit: Public Domain

Reports from Turkey's state-run news agency indicate that the Istanbul chief prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into 17 U.S.-based individuals. The investigation is set to probe their involvement with cleric Fethullah Gulen.

The individuals include Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and ex-CIA director John Brennan. The reports, which were unveiled by Anadolu Agency on Saturday, indicate that the probe was launched after a group of Turkish lawyers filed a criminal complaint. It revealed that the prosecutor's office would investigate their links to Gulen's movement.

The investigation could lead to charges of attempting to overthrow the Turkish government and membership in a terror organization.

Gulen has been accused by Turkey of orchestrating last summer's failed coup and has designated his movement as a terror organization. He is said to be based in Pennsylvania. However, Gulen denies involvement in the controversial organization.

The state-run news agency has also revealed that the probe was launched after a group of Turkish lawyers filed a criminal complaint against the 17 U.S.-based individuals.


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