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Mastermind Sam Hyde, he can't keep getting away with it! But he does, get away with having the latest tragedies blamed on him anyway. At this point, Hyde has shown up on CNN twice as well as making the international news circuit. From South America to Russia and beyond, most recently Romanian news blamed Sam for the Munster van attack.

Despite Forbes, Buzzfeed and the BBC all running pieces on him to warn people that (whatever the event) "Sammy dindu nuffin" someone always manages to take the bait. This is from the same guy who helped design the Million Dollar Extreme book, "How To Bomb The US Gov't" which (by the way) if you look up on the net you'll find it is as rare as it is expensive. You'll also find yourself on a watch list.

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It may even go deeper than just a prank or a meme, or so some surmise. The theory that Hyde is involved in some sort of MK-Ultra plot is something the comedian gleefully plays into including in his latest marketing plot crush500 (check out the <a href="">gumroad site</a> to learn about the $500 giveaway by the way, /cheap_plug) he mentions "subliminal MK-Ultra activation signals." Considering the fact that the alleged gunman at the Florida Richard Spencer rally, Colton Fears, gave his name as Sam Hyde before being arrested, maybe there's even something to that.

Remember kids, guns don't kill people. Sam Hyde kills people.

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I want to be just like Sam when I grow up :3

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BS This guy is always getting blamed for shootings.

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