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Left-Wing Anti-Trump Fake News On The Rise

Shortly after her humiliating loss to President Donald Trump last year, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton hid from the public for a while and kept a low profile. When she emerged back, she blamed "fake news" as one of the reasons why she lost the election. She condemned the rise of fake news and called for ways to fight it.

As far as Hillary, the Democrats and the liberals are concerned, fake news can only be supported and spread by the likes of Trump, his bunch of ' deplorable' supporters and their Republican party. Hillary would like everyone to believe then, and maybe even now, that fake news greatly helped Trump to victory.

A recent report might surprise Hillary and her supporters, though, regarding their views on fake news, and the latest trend on it. A study says there's a rise of left-wing, anti-Trump fake news.

The fact-checking site Snopes said that in the past week, they have corrected many more anti-Republican party/anti-Trump stories than pro-Republican/pro-Trump ones.

Snopes gave two clear, recent examples of anti-Trump fake news that circulated online. One is the untrue story involving an unflattering, digitally-manipulated image tastelessly suggesting that President Trump had diarrhea during a recent golf outing. Another false news said the President earned a profit from the U.S. missile strikes in Syria.

The report admits it is hard to gather accurate data on the political bias in fake news stories, but there is still evidence in the rise in ' liberal fake news' through anecdotal proof. The recent study also destroyed the 'popular' belief that Hillary and the like are spreading: that so-called fake news tends to be shared more by uneducated people or those with right-leaning politics, as compared to other groups.

CBS commissioned Trade Desk, an internet advertising company to investigate who is reading and sharing fake news online. Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green said that fake news affects both the right and the left. It also affects educated and uneducated. Green said that the stereotypes of fake news being simply right-wing and simply uneducated are 100% not true.

Green also said that those on the left who are consuming fake news are 34 times more likely than the general population to be a college graduate. Those on the right are 18 times more likely than the general population to be in the top 20 percent of income earners.

Green said that the fascinating and frightening at the same time disturbing trend that the more people consume fake news, the more likely they are to vote.

The rise of liberal fake news is also due for financial reasons, as some people who generate fake news do not really care about politics but are only after getting many clicks to their stories.

So-called confirmation bias is said to also affect the growth of liberal fake news. Liberals are fearful and unsure of what's going to happen, and their critical-thinking are either lacking or missing when they view news on their mobile phones. They take to any news that makes them connected to people who feel the same way they do. They no longer practice the necessary checks to ensure the stories they are reading and sharing are not fake.

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