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Photo credit: Youtube | MyPanhandle | North Haven Charter Academy

The Band director for the Middle and High School band of the North Bay Haven Charter Academy was unable to accompany his students Friday morning for competition. Neil Gray, 50, was still in jail at the time. Currently, the administration at North Bay Haven has confirmed Gray is suspended from his post as an instructor for the band and the students were taken to the competition by another teacher.

The Panama City Beach native was arrested during a prostitution sting. Gray had contacted who he thought was a prostitute through Facebook. According to his arrest affidavit, he had agreed to pay $200 for sexual acts he had described to the undercover agent posing as a prostitute. When he went to meet the prostitute he was instead greeted by law enforcement officers who promptly arrested him.

Capt. Paul Powell of the Panama City Police Department commented on the case, "We are investigating and will continue to investigate anyone involved with sex trafficking on the internet."

Gray was scheduled for court Friday morning. Undercover officers reported finding the phone used in the transaction as well as four $50 bills when he was arrested. Gray spent the night in Bay County Jail after being charged with the crime.


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Anonymous No. 22588 1523110117

Kinda sad, the band geek cannot get laid and has to resort to paid services and instead gets locked up and fired.

Anonymous No. 22589 1523111737

Ruin the guys life based on a mutual agreement between two adults. Via entrapment. Not cool.

Anonymous No. 22590 1523112283

Sex trafficking? Not quite. This is ordinary prostitution. He wasn't buying a kidnapped slave from someone, he was paying another adult for an agreed upon service. Ignoring the fact that he didn't actually DO anything.

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