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85-year-old Holocaust Survivor Murdered by Islamic Underscores it's Threat to Humanity

There's more tragic news to reporting surrounding the scourge of Islam - where it appears as if an 85-year-old woman - a Jewish Holocaust survivor - has been murdered by way of a knife attack - and then later set on fire to attempt to hide the atrocity committed against her by radical jihadis.

The attack on the elderly Mireille Knoll took place in France, and despite the obvious anti-semitic murder, there have been efforts by the globalist media and left-wing politicians to cover up the atrocity and claim that the suspects in the murder, including 28-year-old Yacine Mihoub, had no connections to radical Islam.

This was quickly disputed by his co-defendant, 21-year-old Alex Carrimbacus, of whom met Mihoub in prison, who claims that Mihoub screamed “Allah Akbar!” immediately after the murder.

Each of the two suspects, now in custody, are blaming one another. There's nothing that authorities and Leftist politicians in France would love more than to pin the crimes on Carrimbacus, in an effort to distract from the crystal-clear invasion of France by radicalized jihadists, and the silencing of Jewish voices in France, as a result, is similarly as terrifying.

French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb has publicly denounced what he calls a “climate of hatred,” suggesting that Yacine Mihoub is “not at all” linked to any jihadist organizations.

That claim has been heavily rebuked by both friends and family members as well as neighbors of the Mireille Knoll, who said that Mihoub, also a son of Knoll’s neighbor, is both an alcoholic, and has a prolonged history of psychiatric disorders as well as having spent six months in prison for sexually molesting a twelve-year-old child.

Such is common with those who practice Islam, with both sexual assaults prevalent in each of the nations in which allow the “mass immigration,” of Islamic invaders as we've seen in Sweden, as well as the UK, having Islamic gangs engaging in both rapes of female natives as well as that of children.

Regardless of the deception being spewed by the leftist interior minister, the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF) has declared that this crime against an innocent 85-year-old woman was indeed a hate crime, and has since called for a “march Blanche,” also known as a silent march, to honor the life of a proud Jewish woman who already suffered through the Holocaust, only to be brutal murdered at the hands of a vile Islamic criminal.

Mireille Knoll survived the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup on July 16th through July 17th of 1942, where the French police handed over 13,152 Jews to the Nazis to be sent to death camps and meet their ultimate fate. The horror of that time period cannot be imagined by the common man today, who's yet to see such a vile and excruciatingly evil series of atrocities since.

Yet, with Mireille having survived that much pain, to be cut short in old age by the hands of the devil cult of Islam? It's sickening, and that's an understatement.

Coroner's reports say that Mireille Knoll was not only stabbed several times in the throat, which they believe is the cause of death but that her killer then set her ablaze thereafter, although they failed in completely burning her corpse.

To free-thinking people, it's only another confirmation of the real-life dangers that Islam poses to the world, and it gives credence to right-wing voices who would dare defy political correctness and call this what it is, an act of radical Islamic terror which intentionally targeted the Jewish community in France.

It's stunning that the left-wing of France, as well as the rest of the world, would attempt to paint those who call out these atrocities as somehow being bigoted. There was literally just the murder of a Jewish woman, an elderly person, at the hands of these outright animals in the Islamic community.

How much longer will Europeans and the French stand by as their government allows these types of crimes to continue? I'm willing to bet that this murder, this horror, is the beginning of the end for political correctness in France, as well as most of Europe.

It really goes against the narrative of the left-wing, who love to paint Europeans as “bigots” for calling out radical Islam, when you now have the Jewish community, a world minority, uniting in arms against the horde of Islam and the evils it perpetuates.

All people on the planet should be sickened by the cold-hearted atrocities committed at the hands of Islam, and all people of the Earth should unite against it.

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Fagginator No. 22539 2018-04-07 : 00:47

Disgusting attack on an enlderly lady.

Anonymous No. 22545 2018-04-07 : 03:39

>Could have pointed out literally anything else about Islam thats had

>Instead point out the 1 good thing it has done by killing a lying kike

Anonymous No. 22553 2018-04-07 : 05:37


Leave here and never comment here again

Jewish People have done nothing wrong

Anonymous No. 22563 2018-04-07 : 07:27

Oy vey not muh poor holohoax survivor. This truly is anudda Shoah.

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