By: Savannah Smith | 10-19-2016 | News
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Latest Wikileaks Podesta Emails Show Hillary's Duplicity On Support For Israel

The latest release today of Wikileaks emails related to Hillary Clinton offers yet another proof of her duplicity and lack of trustworthiness.

The email exchange transpired in May 2015 where campaign chair John Podesta and top aides were discussing Hillary's launch speech, and that started a rather interesting mini-debate on how to manage Hillary's messaging on the Benghazi terror attack and her would- be tactic for expressing or concealing support for Israel.

Jake Sullivan, a foreign policy adviser of Hillary recommended adding a line on her speech about standing up for America's allies and values, including Israel and other fellow democracies as well. Mandy Grunwald, speechwriter for Clinton did not quite agree with Sullivan, saying what they're drafting are for talking points for Hillary's public events, and not for fund raisers. Grunwald expressed apprehension about the need to mention Israel. Sullivan stood his ground and justified that adding" etc." after Israel would fix any potential problem, but that it would be good to mention Israel, nonetheless.

Joel Benenson, a leading pollster who also worked for the Obama campaign, became the tie-breaker as he agreed with Grunwald not to mention Israel. Robby Mook, Clinton's campaign manager jumped in and said that strategically, a pro-Israel rhetoric would alienate the party's liberal base, and specifically mentioned the Democrat activists.

After more exchanges, the team agreed for Hillary not to mention Israel. Another speechwriter Dan Schwerin wrote that Hillary can drop in Israel on her speeches or talks with donors.

The Clinton aides' exchange validates the persistent perception and talks of Hillary's penchant for double talks. With the Benghazi terror attack and Israel narrative, we are witnessing two different Hillarys.

In many of her past public speeches, Hillary has been vocal about her support for Israel whom she regards as America's strong ally and how she has professed to " be there for Israel" and to do whatever she can for the ally. Turns out, that in private, they have all those discussions and apprehensions about articulating all-out support for an ally if it would hurt her with the left.

It goes to show that for Hillary, everything is just politics. And this proves again what she has wittingly or unwittingly exposed about her duplicity when she revealed in a paid speech to financial firms on February 2013 that " to be successful politically, you need both a public and private position on controversial issues."

Interestingly, polls show declining support for Israel among political progressives and liberal Democrats.

It makes one wonder then, what else could Hillary been untruthful about? What else has she lied about? What else has she taken double contradicting position on, in public and in private? Perhaps, the next installment of the Wikileaks emails will provide a clue.

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