By: Chris Yalom | 04-13-2017 | News
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Arson Hits Campaign HQ of France's Marine Le Pen

The campaign headquarters of far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s in Paris were targeted in a suspected arson attack days after Le Pen provoked widespread anger with Holocaust comments.

The building sustained minor damages.

This prompted the National Front candidate to blame the leftist's group carrying out the attack.

Le Pen said that she would press charges over the attack.AFP said that a group calling themselves “Combat xenophobia” contacted them to claim responsibility for the attack.

The group also claimed to have carried out a similar attack on a far-right newspaper and said that their action would continue until the election.

Le Pen said on a local television that she believed a leftist group was responsible for this attack. She believes that this small leftist group acts in total impunity and that the government should dissolve them.

She did not provide any details and reason why she believed the leftist such group was the one responsible.

According to a police source, it was a criminal act and not an accident. Unknown arsonists threw a petrol bomb at the building causing damage to a door and a doormat.

Firefighters were present at around 2.40 am to control the fire on the ground floor offices; the fire was quickly controlled.

Interior Minister Matthias Fekl condemned the attack. He said that it was an unacceptable act and the democratic debate must take place in the ballot box. He did not give any details about the attack itself.

Fell added he was in touch with the team of National Front candidate since last night and will see if there is a necessity to strengthen the security procedures.

Le Pen recently provoked widespread anger with the Holocaust comments.

Despite the controversy, Le Pen is seen leading the first round of the presidential election at 24 per cent. Voting is scheduled for 23 April. 


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Anonymous No. 2232 2017-04-13 : 12:47

Good. That place was bugged up 2 months ago, and a new HQ will be cleaner.

Anonymous No. 2233 2017-04-13 : 13:21

Same thing the communists did to one of the Republican HQs after Trump was nominated. After all, this is how communists respond when their totalitarian subversive agendas are threatened.

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