By: Ron Cordova | 04-13-2017 | News
Photo credit: /pol/

All Eyes on North Korea as They Prepare for a Birthday Blast

Pyongyang has reportedly issued orders to evacuate a large majority of their citizens. Approximately 600,000 North Koreans were issued orders to evacuate early Thursday morning. It is unclear which caste of citizens were given orders to evacuate. Pyongyang is known to have an extensive underground network of bunkers and tunnels, assumingly available for the upper and middle-upper class citizens in time of war.

After China's nuclear test ultimatum earlier this week, and Kim Il Sung's upcoming birthday party, there are rumors of a North Korean nuclear test being prepared for Saturday. Such a test will not be taken lightly and might result in China bombing North Korea's nuclear program. If North Korea issues orders to retaliate, there are 150,000 Chinese troops on the Korean border ready to liberate the hermit kingdom. A USG carrier strike group, accompanied by Japanese warships, is currently waiting in the West Pacific for North Korea to make a mistake.


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