By: Ace Jackson | 04-12-2017 | News
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Nuclear Booby Trap Prepared by North Korea

It’s all over Chinese media right now. Saturday is the birthday of North Korea’s first president.

Kim Il Sung’s birthday is expected to be celebrated with a bang. Voice of America is reporting, that North Korea has placed a NUKE in some tunnel and plans to detonate it on Saturday to punctuate the cheering with a big bang. The holiday is known as The Day of the Sun, and it will commemorate the 105th birthday of Kim Il Sung.

China has placed a prohibition on any further North Korean nuclear tests. This is why the Chinese people are so excited. If North Korea blows up another atom bomb. What will China do? China is known for draconian responses to situations. They recently put a freeze on North Korean coal, and have started to order coal from America. It is likely that they don’t want to have coal that could be contaminated with radiation polluting their country. American clean coal will solve this.

China is likely to invade North Korea and put an end to their nuclear ability. They have said as much, and China is not known to be a timid country. It is in their best interest to work with America and President Donald Trump. Who wants to rid the world of the North Korean problem. This is the scariest news to come out of North Korea in decades. It could be the final solution is in store for North Korea’s dictator. The poor, starving North Korean peasants will have to suffer longer and more because of this irrational acting dictator.


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