By: Jim Cherney | 10-19-2016 | News
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DNC rabbit hole of deceit only gets deeper

Resignation and firing is not enough. That is typical behavior for the DNC. Fire or resign the perpetrator that is caught, then rehire the effected agent of the DNC at another Superpac in order to keep the talent in house. Even jail terms don’t stop the musical chair game of plausible deniability and personnel shuffling to avoid scandal that will affect the presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

We only need to look back to July 2016 and remember. Does anyone really remember that far back anymore? Please try to remember the names.

Debby Wasserman Shultz

Brad Marshall

Luis Miranda

All three resigned in disgrace from the DNC in July and August 2016. That’s this year, it is recent, and we have already forgotten. Don’t forget this time. Debby Wasserman Shultz was immediately hired by Hillary Clinton after her scandalous resignation. Now she is the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 50 state campaign and is running for congress as well this year! So be disgraced in the DNC and you will be promoted and hired to another company that is plausibly not connected to the DNC and continue your current work unaffected.

The elite of the DNC are immune from any sort of retribution because they are protected by the good old boy network that has been set up and allowed to flourish under the Democratas rule these past years.

Consider the recent releases of the brilliant undercover work done by the Veritas Action Group. James O`Keefe has released damning evidence that election fraud on a massive scale is being undertaken this year by the DNC. Transporting illegal aliens around America so that they can vote multiple times with fake IDs that were generated by the Superpacs that stand firmly behind the Democratic Party.

Folks, one party rule is not what the majority of Americans want. Democrat or Republican, it is a breach of trust by a respected political party. With the mainstream media bought out by the DNC and their supporters, even when obviously criminal events take place. This rabbit hole of deceit will only get deeper as we move towards the November 8 presidential election. Take notice and remember when it is time to vote what happened this year. Next year you can expect to lose your gun rights, your high paying job, and perhaps even your life in world war, if President Hillary Clinton is inaugurated in 2017.

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