Where's La Beouf? Ask 8chan

By Major James Burdock, The Goldwater · 04-13-2017
Photo credit: maps.google.com


It's another exciting moment for the folks over at 8chan. The Goldwater understands that LaBeouf's precise whereabouts have been found.

#AloneTogether is a sustainable collaborative art exhibition. The aim of the project is clear. The artists have locked themselves into cabins in Northern Finland and will be texting. Whether they have allowed themselves to text words other than "He will not divide us" is unclear. We do know, in an amazing twist to this exhibition, that the artists have banned themselves from texting one another!

Stay tuned for more episodes!





8chan and the vigilant folks on 8ch.net/hwndu/

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I feel bad for that anglo, lol

Shias getting a house call from a maga hat wearing fingol within the week

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