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A two-weeks old baby was just peacefully sleeping under a mosquito net in the eastern state of Odisha in India on Friday when his shocked mother saw him being snatched by what she believes was a monkey. Unfortunately, she was not fast enough to go after the animal to retrieve and save her baby. After rescue and search operations undertaken by the authorities, the baby was later found drowned in a well.

Authorities describe the baby-snatcher as a rhesus macaque, a species with a reddish-pink face common across India. The mother saw the monkey take away her fragile baby and immediately raised alarm about the situation, but the monkey proved to be too quick as he jumped over the roof and vanished out of sight.

Police sub-inspector S M Baral said they launcheda search for the baby with the help of forest officers. Unfortunately, the baby was spotted inside a well already dead. Authorities believe the monkey may have dropped the baby into the well.

There were no injury marks on the baby. A post-mortem also showed the infant died of asphyxia due to drowning.

No case was filed or charges lodged since the family of the baby is convinced it was a monkey that was responsible for the death of the baby.

Local media reports also say that monkeys are increasingly becoming a nuisance in the area where the baby was taken. In March last year, schools were forced to close in Odisha’s Kendrapada district because of frequent monkey attacks.

Also on that same month, a government employee died from head injuries after a monkey jumped at him from a tree.

Monkeys are revered in most of Hindu nation, but are becoming such a menace in many cities, viciously attacking people for food and causing damage to property by trashing gardens and office and residential rooftops.

Activists on the other hand blame the invasion of the animal’s natural habitats by urban populations as the cause of the problem.

Authorities have yet to clarify how they plan to better respond to the problem and how they can balance the safety of the residents and the welfare of the animals as well.


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Anonymous No. 22126 1522707219

Monkey commits Murder or Infanticide.

Guess where my bets are?

Anonymous No. 22130 1522710618

It couldn't be any more blatantly obvious that the mother drowned the baby.

Anonymous No. 22134 1522718384

I'm with these two, the baby would have had injuries if a stinkin monkey dragged it up and over a roof, I'm assuming the well was a little distance from the roof so there's the dirt burn from that and the injuries that would have occurred had the monkey bank shot the kid off the well. This is figuring this was a normal monkey that drags things, not the super humane type that cradle and protect children prior to carefully dropping them into wells.

Johnny Neptune No. 22137 1522727838

It goes without saying… The worthless mother is the subprimate who disposed of her child, then blamed the more intellectual monkey. No witnesses, no proof, and it's time to put a bullet through the mother's brain

Anonymous No. 22175 1522756107

Yes the mother could have been involved in some monkey business huh, with due apologies to monkeys. Poor baby. Everything weird happens in India huh.

Anonymous No. 22324 1522873169

How could the mother have allowed this and not go after the damn monkey? Or she is the who is stupid? The rescue could have been faster and the baby could have survived if she acted fast and with urgency.

Anonymous No. 22329 1522879105

Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first sent to India. Poor baby. Indians in the US, go home!!!

Anonymous No. 22336 1522880508

Devastating! Where was the mother when this so called baby snatching happened?

Anonymous No. 22346 1522886857

2 week old? My heart breaks. Are they sure it wasnt human-instigated murder instead? Those monkeys in the photo above look harmless enough. Cute even.

Anonymous No. 22408 1522933819

Can't even Poo in the Loo, but gotta worship the Monkeys even though they are no longer living in their natural habitats and just fucking over your people, pajeets, never fucking change.

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