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`Shocking! Suzan Rice's Net Worth Over $50 Million`

Government officials only get modest salaries and benefits. It is really the honor of serving the nation that serves as top motivation for inspiring good men and women to work for the government and the American people. Tennessee, the unofficial Twitter account of Tennessee Republicans posted an interesting message today that got us curious and puzzled as well.

It says that UN diplomat and former Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice as a career public servant can only have a maximum salary of $174,000. But the big reveal that Susan Rice has a net worth of $50 million. How in the world could that be possible? The tweet had over a thousand retweets and almost a thousand likes, hours only after it was posted. Social media users reacted to the tweet and were all shocked with the revelation as well of Rice's net worth.

One said " privileged #dirtyrice". Another was oozing with sarcasm with the comment "Didn't know the occupation of serial liar paid that well". Another concluded that:" We already know she's a liar.. now we know she's a dirty crook".

One was appalled with Rice and gave strong disapproval: "However she decides to enjoy, it will be as a poor person. The images of her reveal an unhappy, fearful, defensive woman. Zero depth." Rice's current net worth of $50 million becomes even more shocking in light of the fact that only in 2012, Rice's net worth is only a little above $20 million. So it means that in just five years or less, Rice was able to accumulate additional, amazing wealth of $30 million more?

In five years she has more than doubled her net worth? How could that be possible for a government official on a modest salary? Assuming she did not spend a single dollar of all her salaries the past 5 years, it still would hardly even reach the shocking amount of additional $30 million. Maybe if she did not spend all her salaries the past 5 years, Rice could only save around one million dollars- maximum! $30 million in 5 years, and a net worth now of $50 million? How come?

Did Susan Rice win the lottery? Did she suddenly meet a long lost relative who gave her a huge fortune in inheritance? Or since she loves the business of "unmasking", maybe she was able to unmask perhaps the secret locations to the worlds' biggest urban legends of missing treasures? Or have she earned from mega deals in selling movie, TV, book rights to her life story? Except she's no big celebrity and few people would be interested in her life story. Some conservatives with investigative skills including Fire Andrea Mitchell may have the answers. They say that Susan Rice has investments in over a dozen Canadian oil companies. She is said to have ownership stake in TransCanada. That one raises conflict of interest issues. She stands to profit if the Keystone XL pipeline is ever approved. Some are also hitting Rice's hypocrisy and leftists and liberals' cluelessness on her duplicity.

The Obama administration was so big on its official energy policy, pushing hard for initiatives to create "clean energy" jobs and technologies to make America less dependent on energy, and on reducing carbon emissions. Was Susan Rice out of the loop on the energy policy then? Or were Obama and the rest not made aware that their precious Rice has huge investments in oil from foreign-based companies at that?Rice probably prides herself for her "skills" and guts in so-called unmasking officials and sabotaging the Trump administration, it's interesting how she would possibly react now that she's the one unmasked.


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