By: Earnest Wright | 04-12-2017 | News
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"Spaced Out: Star Trek Celeb Blames Trump for United Debacle"

David Dao was tugged off a United Airlines flight on Sunday by security officers who blooded him as they dragged him down the aisle. Dao has quickly thrust into the international spotlight.

The videos of the controversial incident went viral as thousands of people expressed support for Dao on social media after he was taken off United Express Flight 3411 at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. The airline said Dao was one of four passengers selected for removal so that United personnel could be seated on the full flight.

There has been more controversy arising after a private email from United CEO Oscar Munoz to his staff got leaked. The CEO commended his staff for going above and beyond regarding how the situation was dealt with. The video has received mixed reactions from people on social media. However, one tweet from a Hollywood celebrity has received a unifying response.

The celebrity is actor John Cho. The actor is most known for his roles in Star Trek and the Harold and Kumar films. Astonishingly, John Cho blamed President Donald Trump for the United debacle. He did so by making a tweet that said it's hard not to see a connection between the environment Trump has created and what happened on that united flight.

The tweet attracted loads of attention on the social media site. After a short while, people were calling it the dumbest tweet they've ever seen. One user known as Chad dukes asked Cho what on EARTH he was talking about. Another user made a hilarious comment saying that it's hard not to see a connection between Cho’s tweet and the Internet mocking him.

Most the users disagreed with Cho’s perspective as they emphasized that they did not see the connection between the United debacle and President Trump. Many people also said that Cho’s tweet was the dumbest they had seen on that day. The Star Trek actor is yet to respond or give evidence supporting his claims.


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