By: Earnest Wright | 04-11-2017 | News
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Six More Arrests Made Over Stockholm Terror Attacks; Jihadwatch Netizens Blame Muslims

After the arrest of a 39-year old man from Uzbekistan on Friday as a suspect for leading the horrific Stockholm truck attack, the authorities have arrested six more people for possible involvement in the terror incident in the Swedish capital that left four people dead and 15 others wounded. Though there is yet no confirmation from authorities, the site believes that all those six newly arrested suspects are all Muslims.

Three of the six suspects were gathered from a car believed to be connected to the crime, while the others were arrested from a property the authorities raided 12 miles from the scene where the four victims died.

Officers had to smash the window of the driver's side of the vehicle to get to the three suspects and arrest them. Heavily-armed police officers later raided a flat in the suburb of Varberg and had three people in the courtyard surrounded.

The six arrests join the 39- year-old, father-of-four Uzbek man arrested under suspicion that he planned the attack. He has been on the police's previous files already, though he was not under surveillance recently. The authorities also discovered ISIS propaganda on his laptop.

A homemade bomb was also found inside the truck used in the attack, and reportedly the man is possibly the driver at the time the attack was conducted.

The Uzbek suspect is said to be qualified to handle explosives, according to a former colleague.

Some of the comments on the blamed the influx of potential jihadis in Sweden whom they believe the authorities could not quite keep track of. They also said what is happening- all the horror and terror- is " going exactly according to the Islamic State plan". Many blamed the immigration of Muslims to Sweden, with one even saying that Muslims are " explosive people". Another commented that Muslims are a liability, especially economically, to a country like Sweden. Some would like to focus on costs of Muslim immigration to other countries like the U.S.

One commented that the so-called "lone wolves" who carry out the attacks, and at times suicide attacks, are in reality not really alone. The social media user said those lone wolves are actually part of cell groups that are related to well-known terror organizations like Al-Qaeda, ISIS or the Muslim brotherhood.

One gave a more strategic piece of advice, for the authorities to catch the attackers and terror organizers alive so that their networks can be followed to their sources. The terrorists are better alive than killed so they could talk.

There are those who cry for blood, too. One said Sweden should deport several hundred thousand Muslims and scrape several hundred mosques in response to every terror incident. One said that terrorists should be killed " at every opportunity". The commenter said that there are just too many terrorists to keep them simply on jail.

There are also those who blame Islam as religion or faith. One said the terror attacks reflect the teaching of the "holy book" of Islam. The other said that the most efficient way of destroying Islam is by utterly discrediting Muhammad as a prophet and the alleged divine origin of his Quran.

Many are obviously emotional over the issues because innocent lives are being senselessly lost for every terror attack. Some probably could not help but return the hatred perpetuated by terrorists. While the fairness or not of some of the comments made on or against Muslims can be debated, what is certain is terrorism should be fought and defeated.

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