By: Savannah Smith | 10-18-2016 | News
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Donald Trump's First Lady

Finally breaking her silence after generally keeping a low profile through out most of the campaign, Melania, Donald Trump's wife, speaks up and stand by her man.

In an interview with Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt, Melania addressed the controversial audio recording of Trump where he was heard making lewd comments about women. Melania said she also found the comments offensive and inappropriate, but then her husband has already apologized sincerely to the public- and to her. And for Melania, that was enough for them as a couple to move on from the controversy.

She also said that what she heard from the said recording does not fit the man she knows.

In another interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, she said that it appears that her husband was being egged on to say such stuff. She also makes an issue of the cameras not even being on, clearly a sign they did not know they were being recorded. Melania says her husband and company may not have been aware that the microphones were on in the first place. She is implying that her husband should not be crucified for comments made that are not even on official capacity or in public setting.

Melania reiterated that for so many things going for him- a successful businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer, with so many shows, and so many other stuff, Donald need not even run for president.

It was in fact very difficult for her husband to seek the highest post in the land, but she said that he did so because he wants to lead America to many good changes. Top of these plans for America are to make it safe again, and bring back jobs, and a secure future for the children.

When asked if she agrees to bringing up Bill Clinton's sordid and much scandalous past with women and his affairs, Melania in a fighting stance says Bill should be fair game. She said that the other camp " started it" and were " asking for it". She said that her own past as a model was brought up, even if she is proud of her previous work.

Melania, often seen by some as someone who has a gentle, neutralizing effect to Donald's fiery ways, if she goes on speaking her mind, and standing by her man, may yet prove to be a Trump weapon in the remainder of the campaign.

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