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UK Engages In Propaganda Wars: Offers $17,000 To ‘Journalists’ To Write On Syria

One of the most prominent media outlets known as Alternet has recently unveiled a surprise release. Alternet has been around since 1997 and has won awards for their journalism.

An anonymous source provided e-mails and testimony to Alternet indicating that the British government funds the Revolutionary Forces of Syria (RFS) media office.

The release is a huge bombshell because the UK government is closely involved in the Syrian conflict.

As a UK-based government website says reveals: The UK continues to work for a political solution that would establish a democratic Syria and lasting stability for all Syrians. The government has condemned the brutal violence of the Assad regime and it supports diplomatic efforts to end the suffering and establish political transition.

This implies that the UK government has a direct interest in regime change on the one hand, and on the other hand, they have a media office which is located in Istanbul which. The released e-mails indicate that the media office reports on news surrounding the Syrian conflict. It’s obvious that the UK government wanted to hire a reporter who might promote their agenda.

UK’s involvement in the Syrian conflict was the main reason as to why the anonymous source refused to work for the UK government and report for the RFS media office. The anonymous source said that he was offered a hefty $17,000 a month for the position, which would have been for Her Majesties’ Government operating out of Istanbul Turkey.

Initial reports by Alternet claim that links to the RFS media office were included in the e-mails. The connection of this story to the RFS media office can only be drawn from the reporting of Alternet.

Many people have questioned the tactics that the UK employs. In 2016, The Guardian exposed the UK for engaging in a propaganda war with ISIS to seemingly marginalize their growth and influence.

The Guardian pointed out that the sole intent was to bolster a broader propaganda effort that was focused on Syria. The other elements planned to promote the moderate values of the revolution and help mold a Syrian sense of national identity that will reject both the Assad regime and Isis.

The UK is engaging in a propaganda war which they hope will result in regime change. It is thus interested in hiring reporters to report on the Syrian conflict. It’s also worth noting that the UK government has a direct interest in the conflict.


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