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The Republican nominee Donald Trump had earlier on made a statement that the election had been rigged by the unethical and corrupt media at various polling stations. On the other hand, Trump’s running mate Mike Pence had a totally statement to make; he emphasized that his team will respectfully accept the U.S. citizen’s choice. The Republican nominee’s advisor Rudi Giuliani had made a statement saying that the democrats are planning on how to cheat during the election.

According to a recent report released by the polls reveal that the Republican nominee Donald Trump is losing the average voter share in crucial states.

The Republican nominee has severally stated that the election process is not free and fair; Trump made this statements via twitter, on the most recent tweet, Trump said that there is a massive voter fraud happening around as the elections are around the corner. He continued to challenge the Republicans leaders to stop being so naïve and wake-up to the reality of what is going on.

Trump tweeted that the election is being rigged by the media in collaboration with the Clinton’s campaign to bring and make up events that never occurred.

Further investigations have exposed the Clinton campaign and the DNC for their dirty games and tricks that they are trying to play as the November elections are around the corner. In the recent past, Trumps rallies have been faced with several issue, majority of the rallies have had violence that led to the dismissal of the campaign events. After further investigations, it was evident that the violence facing Trump’s rallies could be traced back to Clinton campaign and the DNC. The Clinton’s Campaign and the DNC have facilitated the dirty tricks through a process known as Birddogging.

The whole scheme seems to be coordinated in a lucrative way and this requires effective communication. Therefore, Clinton campaign, DNC, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC and other organisations that have been exposed for their involvement in the dirty tricks, have had to rely on ideal communications chain which is provided by Shady.

The top levels of the Clinton’s campaign and the DNC have been exposed by several attacks and plans that are being made by several players in the game who are trying to manipulatively influence the outcome of the election by making sure that Clinton wins.

The video which was just released by Project Veritas Action supports the hacked emails content. The emails and the video’s contents have one thing in common; they all point to the top. The video has exposed the strategies behind the many Trump’s misfortunes in his rallies. It’s no coincidence that after the rallies have been disrupted, there is always thorough media coverage, well, it’s all part of the plan. It’s very sad for America Citizens to realised that the many events and rallies that have ended up in violence especially Trump’s, they are covered extensively by the media but the same media never tells the truth on who is behind the violence and nuisance. The truth is that the violence in Trump’s rallies is usually coordinated by the Clinton’s Campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The Americans United for Change contracts with the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, this is based on a statement made by Scott Foval who is National Field Director.

Foval is responsible to the head of Special Events for the Democratic National committee and the head of special events and political for the campaign.

The Democratic National Committee is paid by Clinton campaign; the DNC also caters for the Democracy Partners while the Foval Group is paid by the Democracy Partners. According to Bob Creamer the founder of the Democracy Partner, his team comprises of both people and consultants who follow Trump and Pence whenever they go; they ensure that they hold events alongside the Trump and Pence’s rallies, often, their events involve invoking violence amongst the supporters of the rally so as to disrupt and cause chaos. The investigations into this matter revealed violation of federal campaign co-ordination laws and a dark money conspiracy by the Clinton campaign, Clinton Super PAC priorities USA and the Democratic National Committee.

The dirty tricks that are employed by the Foval team revolve around creating some drama that catches the eyes of the media while tarnishing the name and reputation of Trump. Foval gave a concrete example of such incidences; Foval points out on the Lowa state fair where Scott Walker attacked a supporter by taking hold of his sign then the guy was ready to attack but he ended up being attacked. Foval confirms that the whole disruptive process was pre-planned.

As if that’s not enough, Favor also cited the sixrty-nine-old lady who said that she was sexually asaulted. Favor continued to add that “She was one of our activists,” he says while introducing the term 

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