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Wall Street Is Forcing An Anti-Gun Agenda With The Help Of These Nuns

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A nun in Wall Street is working with an unlikely ally, an investment firm that has stakes in three different gun makers. Sister Judith Byron is the director and coordinator of the Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment. She says that her firm and the investment fund BlackRock.

Since the Parkland shooting, gun manufacturers have been under pressure to reduce the risks of gun violence. Byron's group consists of religious communities and health care systems that invested in firearms makers a decade ago and has been working on gun safety for years.

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She says some larger investors have similar views such as the largest public pension fund in the U.S., CalPERS, who recently refused to sell its investments to companies that sell assault rifles. CalPERS said that by remaining an investor, it's been able to get those companies to make positive changes.

Byron's group of nuns doesn't tote props or signs and disrupt board meetings but she sometimes works alongside those who do. It's not clear what their goals are for assault rifles, they seem to think they are evil or they somehow how the right to tell another person they can't sell firearms.

Erik Gordon, a professor at the Universtiy of Michigan's Ross School of Business said the anti-gun activism is a response to pressure. "BlackRock didn't wake up one morning and say, 'We are going to take a different approach to investing, it's the right thing to do,'" he said. "It's a reaction to the activists," Gordon said.

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These same firms such as BlackRock, State Street, and mutual fund company Vanguard still say their top priority is making money, but distancing themselves from the working Americans who believe in their right to defend themselves is not going to help them in the long run. The people who they are pandering to are not the people who will be loyal supporters and lifetime clients.

While Nun Byron's "activism" may seem like a good thing, it is actually counter to the freedoms that make this country great. It is always easy to bow to pressure, it's not easy to stand up for the American values that make this country great in the face of a vocal liberal ideology that permeates our schools.

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Anonymous No. 21763 2018-03-29 : 02:25

I'm sick of Catholics vouching for these commis and commi policies. As a Catholic it makes me fucking sick!!! 😡

Anonymous No. 21804 2018-03-29 : 12:19

Since the current POPE seems to have gone deep LEFT, politically.

I see little hope for this Religion remaining mainstream.

Paul No. 21810 2018-03-29 : 12:56

I was raised in a practicing Catholic family. Stuff like this is why I've been drifting farther and farther away from the RCC and leaning more towards the Protestant faith.

Anonymous No. 21811 2018-03-29 : 13:28

So they won't do shit to help all these catholic immigrants but will try to fuck up our constitution? priorities? Help the underclass of your same religion that god tells to help or try alter what should be rendered to caeser?

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