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Breaking : Train collision in Russia Injures Dozens

Two Russian Railways trains crashed in western Moscow. Several people were reportedly injured and at least 16 were brought to the hospital after a train from Moscow going to Brest collided with a commuter train on Saturday evening. Russian Railways said that at least 50 people sought medical help following the crash.

Head of the Moscow branch of the Emergencies Ministry, Ilya Denisov confirmed that the crash was caused by the decision of the commuter train’s driver to pull the emergency stop to save a man on the tracks.  

The long-distance train was closely following the commuter train. The commuter train driver activated the train's emergency brakes, but the distance between the two was too small that’s why the collision happened.

One of the commuter train carriages was torn in two as result of the collision. Four carriages were derailed from its track with one turning upside down and visibly wrecked.

One eyewitness said the bang sounded from the collision was very strong. They were standing in the doorway and felt a sharp blow. It was very strong that several people have been bruised but without major injuries.

Fire and rescue brigades were present on the scene to evacuate all the passengers. Some 170 rescuers aided with 70 pieces of equipment, including two emergency response trains were working at the site of the incident.

A special commission will investigate the circumstances that led to the collision of the two trains. Russia’s Investigative Committee will launch pre-investigation to check the incident.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been following the situation and has ordered all necessary steps to remedy the situation.

Additional buses were available to cover for the temporary lack of train services. Buses will run until the operation of the commuter trains in the area is completely restored.


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