By: Savannah Smith | 10-18-2016 | News
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Gary Byrnes an Ex-Security Officer Reveals Hillary's Nasty Treatment of Them

The FBI documents released today while focusing on Clinton's private email server issues had unintentionally perhaps revealed yet another glimpse into Hillary's nasty character as a person and a boss to her subordinates; as well as how she was so reckless with compromising state and security matters all for her presidential ambitions.

A security agent interviewed by the FBI minced no words and described Hillary's treatment of her security agents as "contemptuous". This was especially made clear when Hillary defied her security team's strong advice against a planned photo opportunity in a risky part of Jakarta in a 2009 visit. She of course recklessly still insisted on the photo op for the political points it might gain for her presidential ambitions. Never mind if in the process she exposed her security team to greater danger.

Hillary's former security official also revealed that among her security officers and agents, the prevailing sentiment was that she was using her position as secretary of state to prematurely campaign for president. They were unhappy with her blatant disregard for security protocol as it affected the safety of them all.

Her potential abuse of power was also at play as the security officer articulated how " indignant" her agents felt that while all of them were strictly required to follow security policy, Hillary simply made herself exempt from the rules.

Hillary's former security agents believed that the former Secretary of State simply shrugged off security and diplomatic protocols even at the expense of her team's safety if it would bring her " favorable press".

The biggest proof or indictment of Hillary's poor and outright nasty treatment of her security agents is the revelation that many agents sought reassignment or deployment elsewhere. Most of them all wanted out of Hillary's way to avoid her

" contemptuous" attitude. No wonder then that by the end of her term, Hillary's security detail was staffed by younger, less experienced officers. It became so difficult to get senior agents to work for her.

The FBI documents are so revealing, not only of Hillary's lack of hesitation in violating the law, but also of her nasty treatment of even the people who work for her and value her safety. So long as she gets her way. A potential, -if not yet full blown- monster in our midst?

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