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Arrests of Criminal Aliens Increase By 250% This Week

The Trump administration's long-standing promise to bring greater security to Americans by cracking down on illegal immigrants continues to bring strong results. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports that they have expanded their campaign to deport illegals with criminal records by arresting 368 illegals in seven states including Washington, D.C. 

The current week's 368 arrests amounts to a 250% increase compared to the 106 arrests made the week before.

The ICE officers' biggest arrests were made in Texas where they apprehended 158 people, but other seizures were also made to as far north as Wyoming. The authorities also gave importance to targeting members of the violent MS-13 gang and illegals charged with sex crimes against kids. 

In a five-day campaign around Virginia and Washington, 82 illegals from 26 countries were arrested. 68 of those 82 people had previous criminal records for such crimes as armed robbery, larceny, and drug distribution. Two persons from the other 14 people arrested had ties to the MS13 street gang. Two also had outstanding final orders for deportation. Three had expired visas. One is wanted by a foreign law enforcement agency. Another is a human rights violator. The other two had pending local charges. The rest entered the country illegally, in clear violation of the U.S. immigration laws. 

Convicted criminal aliens remain to be the top priority for ICE's arrests. The operations are meant to improve overall public safety by ICE's efforts to remove those criminals from the streets, and eventually from the U.S. 

The Trump administration's strong actions against illegals have resulted to lesser illegals trying to enter the country across the border. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of the leading advocates of tougher immigration laws in the Trump administration plans to visit the border next week. 

Keeping the country safe from illegal immigrants especially those with criminal records, and building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico were just some of the most remarkable campaign promises of President Trump. Some say such pledges contributed to Trump's victory because safety is a top concern for the American public.

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Major James Burdock No. 2166 2017-04-09 : 08:25

There is a new conversation developing among Trump supporters. While most want a wall built, they are musing that "Donald Trump IS the wall."

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