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Manhunt: Liberal Jack-Ass Joseph Jakubowski: Gun Thief, Author of 161-page Manifesto to Trump

Police and U.S. Secret Service agents are looking for 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski from Wisconsin. He is suspected of robbing a gun store and sending a 161-page anti-government manifesto to the White House. The questionably-minded man gave a copy to an associate who promptly handed it over to local authorities. Good news kids, classes in public schools in nearby communities have been canceled.

Although he is "basically [angry] at all government officials," according to Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden, the manifesto specifically references his dying by the hand of Trump.

According to the Milwaukee Patch, a video showing a man identified as Jakubowski is affixing a postage stamp to an envelope addressed to Trump at the White House and containing Jakubowski's name and return address. A voice off-camera can be heard saying, "You will never forget this face, ever. Revolution! It's time for change," the voice says.

Try to imagine how this story would have been reported if this was a conservative nutcase going after Obama, instead of a liberal nutcase, riled up by the media and the left, going after Trump. What if this man's anger came from the conservative media? It would be all we would hear about, and the media would be blamed, talk radio would be blamed.

This is an armed and dangerous man who sent a threatening letter to the President of the United States. His anger comes directly from what he is seeing as a threat from the President, as reported by the main-stream media. This media reports it as either a crazy man with guns, or another person fed up with the government of Donald J. Trump. Blame needs to be placed squarely where it belongs - on the shoulders of the left and their media arm. Isn't that what they would be telling us?


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JoeyS No. 2169 2017-04-10 : 00:05

He doesn't sound liberal with his manifesto that “includes grievances against government and personal angst toward anyone or anything other than natural law or rule,” the Rock County Sheriff’s Office said", the natural law viewpoint sounds kind of alt right.

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