By: Earnest Wright | 04-08-2017 | News
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Why is Buzzfeed Suing the FBI Over Breitbart?

BuzzFeed wants answers from the FBI on the deceased conservative media figure Andrew Breitbart. And they suing to get them. A complaint has been filed against the FBI by BuzzFeed and journalist Jason Leopold claiming that the bureau hasn’t done everything it can to answer their request for information on Breitbart.

Leopold filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI on Friday in California for seeking all records related to Andrew Breitbart on Aug. 7, 2012, a few months after Breitbart died at age 43. The suit claims that FBI responded to the request on Sept. 4, but said that the bureau only searched its main file records claiming that no records were located.

The complaint reveals that Leopold appealed the FBI’s response but was denied by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Information in 2013.

Was Breitbart's death of a suspicious nature? Well, not even a single mainstream media outlet or website dared to publicly raise the question. Instead, the media began giving airtime to right-wing conspiracy theories.

Then the sudden death of conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart got much more mysterious. Just two months after Breitbart’s passing, the coroner who investigated the cause of death may have succumbed to arsenic poisoning.

Despite investigators calling Breitbart’s March 1 death the result of heart failure, even some of his personal friends put forth the notion that it was an inside job. Some revealed that he had big dirt on Obama and many believe he was murdered. Radio host and pal Mancow Muller tweeted after his death, adding in a similar message that he had his doubts about the initial reports of natural causes.

It’s without a doubt that BuzzFeed is looking for any and all dirt it can find to tar the Breitbart website and the Trump movement. They are desperately searching for something to keep their failing Russian narrative alive, pathetic, isn't it?

I’ll never believed that Andrew Breitbart's death was from natural causes. However, its worth mulling over why BuzzFeed cares, its odd. Maybe they want to see if there's an Obama or Clinton connection. This is based on the fact that Breitbart died shortly before he was going to release something huge on Obama during his campaign. However, that something huge was never released and Obama was re-elected.


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