By: Savannah Smith | 10-17-2016 | News
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Trump calls the scandal with DOJ, State Dept. and FBI over Hillary CLinton As The New Watergate

A very grim-looking Republican nominee Donald Trump denounced what he described as a big " collusion" among the DOJ, State Department and FBI following the revelation from FBI files that a senior officer of the State Department tried to arrange a " quid pro quo" with the FBI to change classification of a controversial email of Hillary Clinton.

Trump gravely calls it a clear case of corruption at the highest level since the DOJ, State Department and the FBI " got together" and connived to make Hillary Clinton appear innocent, even though she has committed a real criminal act with her private server and ordering a change in the classification of an email, and dealing with top-security matters recklessly using a non-secure, private server.

He expressed shock over how unbelievably huge the issue is and how it now creates a big mess for Hillary and the country. Trump said the American citizens should not let it happen.

Trump also lets out a challenge to the media when he declared he want to see how they would cover this controversy- if they would see and present the issue for what it is, a high crime that Hillary committed. Or if they would again turn a blind eye, and cover-up Hillary's complicity.

Trump reiterated that the only thing going for Hillary is the media, and without the media, she would not even be in the presidential race.

He said this issue should give us a " fair shake".

Trump followed the video statement with an interview with Fox News where he reiterated how big a scandal this is, calling it the new "Watergate".

He also admonished Republican lawmakers who want to make an investigation of the controversy after the elections, insisting that they should investigate immediately.

Trump emphasized that because it involves a criminal act, it would be incredible if Hillary and company would be allowed to simply get away with it.

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