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Syria War : USA Launches Missiles in Response To Chemical Attack

It has been reported that as per orders from the president, the US has launched an airstrike of between 50 and 60 tomahawk missiles aimed at the airfield in Syria which was responsible for the horrendous chemical attacks earlier this week. Speaking earlier today Trump was quoted as saying, "I think what Assad did is terrible" and also stated that "Assad choked out the helpless". CNN reported that according to a senior administration official, Trump was "very affected by the images of dead children among the civilian casualties in the Syrian chemical weapons attack and felt compelled to act". With his presidency still in it's infancy, this will be his biggest and most significant military action thus far and Trump will most likely be calling on other nations in uniting forces to fight these acts, and future acts of terrorism.

As we all know, since taking office, Trump has been making headlines as being, what I like to refer to as, a bully, especially to our neighbors in the south with the whole wall controversy, but also to other nations as well with the travel ban. And now he wants to call on these nations to band together as allies against these monsters. It is my hope that these nations will put aside any and all unpleasant feelings about Trump that they may have to do this.

It is likely that Assad will consider this an act of war. It is my hope that this does not happen and that we don't resort to sending our troops to fight another war when the war in Iraq still seems fresh in our minds. I personally hope for a day when a nation and it's enemy finds a more peaceful way to resolve conflicts instead of resorting to war. Because in the words of Edwin Starr, “War… what is it good for, absolutely nothing", and I truly believe that but at the same time, it's hard to turn a blind eye to such a large scale chemical attack such as this one where many children and babies fell victim and having to see images strewn across all forms of news outlets and media of their innocent little dead bodies.

I may not be a fan of Mr. Trump and his presidency but I realize that I have to respect the fact that he is our president and that is something I'll have to deal with. At this point I can only offer my support that he will lead us in the right direction and offer my prayers to him and to our nation that we can help to put an end to terrorism in the world. God bless us all!

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NocNoc No. 2135 2017-04-07 : 09:55

Using 40 Tomahawk missiles at $1.4m each vs. what was done is cheap.

While I am sure the MSM will play down the Military, Diplomatic and Tactical results and will seek out the few incidental civilian causalities for the TV viewers.

In retrospect, we should stop and think about just 1 of these Chemical or Bio weapons being snuck in across the porous US southern border and popped from a top building, in a subway,a shopping mall or Movie.

If that sounds too far fetched?

Then think about how many illegals get here a month and how many TONS of drugs are not stopped or discovered during the same period of time.

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