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Day 1 Trump and Xi: An Opinion

Trump and Jinping are finally meeting at the luxurious Mar-a-Largo, or “The Southern White House” as Trump refers to the iconic property. At the top of the list of topics will have to be trade and North Korea.

China has been ramming it to the United States for years, since probably Kennedy was in office, if not even further back than that. It is time for our President to put his foot down and make it far more expensive for Chinese goods to hit our shore. It is time for our President to make a stand and give American workers the ability to be competitive again.

Who cares what Jinping has to say about it, his country has had the upper hand for years, and he is getting all bent out of shape at the suggestion someone is going to level the playing field. Of course this will hurt the Chinese market, but we have been hurting the American market for years, and it is time for this to stop. On to the other hot button topic of the day, North Korea. With the ever looming insanity that rules that country, what is there to be done.

China is going to be a bunch of pansies because they are so close, but if the North Koreans really have developed nuclear technology, we should be just as concerned. Trump and Jinping need to make a united front against the terrorist insanity that runs North Korea and shut it down now. China will back down though, due to their own biased interests in that region of the world. China is not our friend, as much as they would want it to see that way.

At least when Trump talked with the Japanese prime minister, he said, all options were on the table when it came to dealing with North Korea, including military action. That is the kind of strength we need right now. Japan may even support the United States if it came to a military action against North Korea, China would not, and would sit back and see what happens. Jong-un sits on his little throne in Pyongyang and makes his little threats against the world and expects everyone to fall back in fear at the slightest threat of what his response may be.

He has the worst case of little man syndrome that I have ever seen. He thinks these threats should push back the world. He will soon release he is dealing with the greatest country in the world, the United States. We no longer have the biased and agenda based Obama regime in control. President Trump is not going to tolerate his aggression and may finally show this tiny country what happens when you truly anger the sleeping giant in the west.

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