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Canada Stops Using "Mother" Or "Father", Must Use Gender-Neutral "Parent" Instead

The nation known for its politically correct policy is back in the spotlight. This time, the Canadian government has banned its employees from using the age-old terms "mother" and "father" when interacting with the public. Instead, employees must refer to mothers and fathers using the gender-neutral term "parents".

The move has drawn criticism from the political opposition as well as members of its own government. Bloc Québécois MP Louis Plamondon said the government is heading down a slippery slope. "Should we stop talking about the ‘black market’? Should we ban that? Should we also ban the term ‘whitewashing’? This is all very philosophical, isn’t it?"

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While the reaction to the news has been swift, opinions are split and many LGBTQ groups were quick to praise the new rules. An LGBTQ group called Eagle Canada welcomed the move with its executive director, Helen Kennedy, saying that accessing government programs can be "uncomfortable" for those who don't fit into "neat boxes".

In other words, they don't want to offend the immigrants flooding into the country taking advantage of tax-payer funded programs. This isn't the first time the Canadian government has banned words for being offensive.

Earlier this year, the staff at Service Canada, a federal agency that connects Canadians to government services and benefits, issued guidelines asking employees to use gender-neutral language to avoid "portraying a perceived bias towards a particular sex or gender." I do have to agree with the Bloc Québécois on this, what's next? Banning the term "Teddy Bear" because it might imply people named Teddy are fat like a bear?

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The push for social justice in Canada is just out of control, right now it's a ban on using the term "mother" or "father", but next year will it become illegal? Jean-Yves Duclos, Canada’s minister of families, children and social development, justified the new guidelines saying they were in response to public complaints.

Duclos offered further explanation on Twitter saying, "We are only confirming how people want to be addressed as a matter of respect. We are proud that Service Canada reflects the diversity of Canada’s population and is working to adapt to the reality of 21st-century families."

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Trudeau is drunk with pride, and pee.

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