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6 Year Old Little Girl Has Her Leg Amputated After Suffering Sore Throat

Adorable Tessa Puma from Ohio was diagnosed last month with infection of the throat. She was prescribed with antibiotics for the infection. Medical test showed positive for the said infection and flu-like symptoms showed last March 25.

Two days later, she was rushed to the hospital because of high fever and hallucinations. She was eventually sent home when her temperature dropped.

Another two days went and Tessa complained to her parents that she can’t feel her skin. She can’t feel her right arm and left leg, and it was painful and she was screaming in pain.

Tessa was taken to Twinsburg Cleveland Clinic ER and was diagnosed with influenza A which can cause muscles to become inflamed.

On the following day, Mark, Tessa’s father noticed her leg to be swelling. The family started seeing black lines throughout the skin of her leg.

Tessa was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital for MRI. Tessa had necrotising fasciitis, an extremely rare condition that occurs in the connective tissue of the skin. A flesh-eating disease was destroying little Tessa’s muscles and tissue. It blocked blood supply to her leg forcing doctors to amputate part of it.

The infection is said to be incredibly rare. The disease affects one in a million children each year.

After several operations to remove the dead tissues from her leg, doctors are now monitoring her condition. No complications were seen after the surgery.

At the age of five, Tessa was the youngest member of their dance team at her local studio. Tina, Tessa’s mom, told everyone that this will not stop Tessa; she will continue to train because she dreams to be a dance teacher when she gets older.

This is just a small setback and she guarantees Tessa will still be able to continue with her dreams because she is a determined little girl who never gives up, Tina added.


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