By: Savannah Smith | 04-07-2017 | News
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A Waveland Suspect Bites An Officer, Says He "Tastes Good"

A Waveland man nicknamed " Chopper" was apprehended by a deputy for a traffic violation but ended up biting the officer. Chopper even had the 'guts' to say to the deputy that he " tasted good" after biting him.

Adrian "Chopper" Burton, 51, was a passenger in a car without a license plate that was driving on Sunday at around 4pm when Deputy Marcus Jasseby pulled the vehicle over on Waveland traffic stop in Hancock County. Jasseby asked for the identification of the driver and his three passengers, Burton included.

Jasseby found drug paraphernalia in Burton's possession while making the inspection, and tried to arrest him. Burton resisted, and during the struggle bit the officer on the forearm.

Jasseby used his stun gun to subdue Burton, but the suspect kept resisting the officer. Jasseby used the Taser again before he could finally take Burton into custody. Jasseby later told the deputy that he tasted good.

Unfortunately for the officer, the bite wound was rather deep. He had to be treated at the Hancock Medical Center.

Burton faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and simple assault on a law enforcement officer. He is detained in the Hancock County jail while he has yet to post bail totaling $ 8,500 for all the charges against him. No charges were filed against the other passengers of the car. The driver, however, was cited for not having a license plate.

Hancock County Chief Deputy Don Bass tried to make light of the biting incident that affected his assistant. He said that it is probably for his biting tendencies that Burton got the name "Chopper".


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