By: Savannah Smith | 04-06-2017 | News
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Trump Calls On Civilized Nations To Join U.S. Action Against Syria

President Donald Trump is, after all, still the leader of the free world. Tonight, he called on the world, especially the civilized nations to join the U.S. in ending the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria. Trump said anew the need for the world to fight and end terrorism of all kinds and all types.

The President gave an evening address to the nation shortly after the U.S. military launched about 59 missiles aimed at Syria. Trump said the U.S. was targeting the Syrian airfield from which the Syrian chemical attack had been launched killing almost a hundred innocent people.

Trump also called the chemical weapons attack as " horrible". He said that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children and described the slow death of many as " brutal". Trump also said that even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in the very barbaric attack.

Saying also that no child of God should ever suffer such horror, Trump defended his order of military strike on the airfield in Syria. He said it is in vital national security interest of the U.S. to prevent and stop the spread of the use of deadly chemical weapons. He said that Syria used banned chemical weapons, and violated its obligations under the chemical weapons convention. Syria also ignored the call of the U.N. Security Council.

Trump also said that previous attempts at changing Assad's behavior have all dramatically failed. He said that as a result of those failures, the refugee crisis in Syria continues to grow bringing the region destabilization, threatening the U.S. and its allies.

Trump also said that the U.S. is praying for the victims of the attack. The President is also seeking God's wisdom as the country faces the challenge of a very troubled world.

President Trump ended with an assurance that for as long as America stands for justice, then peace and harmony will in the end win.


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