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Are You LaBeofed?

Folks at a bowling alley in Los Angeles got LaBeofed last night, having Shia up the game by calling the bartender a "Fucking Racist." The bartender promptly and politely deBeofed Shia from the premises.

I guess there are a lot of jokes that you can make when it comes to Shia LaBeouf these days, man when it comes to having a movie bomb that is titled Man Down, that kind of title just writes itself. I can remember when I was younger when Shia was the cute kid coming up and doing cool Disney movies and television and he was fun and you did not have to worry about him doing or saying something dumb, which is pretty much all he seems to be good at now. I am not sure what studio out there keeps hiring him and spending money on him, because when a movie he is in only manages to sell a few tickets literally, then how you can continue to hire this person. I think Mr LaBeouf should probably get back to focusing on what he is good at, or used to be good at and maybe not do the whole political thing anymore. People are tired of actors like Shia who think they are more important than they actually are, and telling people what they should be thinking and believing when it comes to political beliefs. So, hopefully this news really shows the still young Shia that maybe he needs to shut up for now. I really do think the sad thing is that this movie has a good director that directed a movie from Shia's past that really got Shia out in the public eye in a good way. So, you would think that maybe this movie would do better than selling a few tickets. Shia will now be known as the person who could barely sell a few tickets for a movie that had a really good director, but Shia's past really must of caught up to him here. Hopefully this shoes celebrities like Shia that a movie like Man Down and its box office performance is always going to be more important than Shia's dumb and really close minded political beliefs. Its not too late to go back to what made you somewhat likable Shia, hopefully only selling a couple of tickets really prove that to you.

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