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Bend Over!

The Department of Homeland Security searches mobile devices at airports. People who are against the policy think that it discourages immigrants from wanting to come to the United States. Not all phones are searched, but only a small number of them.

In 2016, 390 million passengers came through USA airports. 23,877 of those passengers had electronic devices that were searched. Some folks feel that the airport should get a warrant in order to search their phone.

Passengers are worried that their personal information will get taken by the airport security. It is a dangerous thing when the government has access to your personal information. Some things are meant to be shared between only two people. It would be awkward for someone to read a love letter that you sent. You also would not want people looking through your devices to take business information that they could use to compete against you.

It is not only the owners of the phones who have to worry. Some people must keep a list of other people's personal information as a part of their business. So a dishonest airport employee could have access to sensitive details on the phone that someone had no idea would be searched. It is very important to have a safe way to travel. But people are wondering if the airlines have gone too far. They don't want people to be afraid to use the airlines because they may have a phone searched. It is mainly the suspicious people who are being searched.

So a good strategy to keep from being searched may be to dress nicely when going to the airport and do nothing out of the ordinary. It also might help if you are flying first class. It is only a small probability that you will be searched anyway. You can always upload information to the cloud if you think that is more secure. Wink Wink.

You could also try to encode information so that the people doing the search will only see certain things.

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