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Convicted rapist and murderer Brian Golsby was sentenced today to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of Ohio State University student Reagan Tokes. During the sentencing, the Judge credited the jury and the defense attorneys for saving Golsby's life.

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Golsby was found guilty of abducting Tokes on February 8, 2017, around 9:45 p.m. just after she got off work at a Columbus bar. He then forced her to withdraw $60 from an ATM before making her drive them in her car to Scioto Grove Metro Park in Grove City, Ohio.

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At the park, Golsby raped her before fatally shooting her in the head twice. He then left her body in the park where she was found the next day. The judge noted during sentencing that the jury was deadlocked on whether Golsby deserved the death penalty. Ultimately, they decided to sentence Golsby to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Diane Menashe, Golsby's defense attorney, said the jury's decision to spare his life "showed me that there's humanity out there." But when the judge handed down the sentence, he noted that Golsby's own life was spared yet he did not show Tokes the same compassion when he took her life.

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"For the first time in his life, in particular, the last three days, Brian has seen two individuals fight for him like no one's ever fought for him before," Menashe continued. "And I see a change in him… Each one of us needs someone in this world to stand up and fight for them."

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It runs in the family I guess…

jk: Bill dindu nuffin wrong!

Winston No. 21199 1521731223

Capital murder deserves the death penalty.

Anonymous No. 21204 1521739770

This looser should have received the same compassion he showed the victim.

He should be violently violated and 2 rounds to the head and wait till he stops breathing even if it takes a few days.

How can people be so jacked up to pull shit like this? And then to get a retirement with food, housing, and socializing for the rest of his days?? Sad :'(

Anonomyous No. 21214 1521751271

Such a shame some jurors wimped out on sentencing this killer. Yeah, sure, Golsby is going to change – he's so touched someone fought for him. Probably looked real contrite at the sex offender sentencing, too. So sorry. Won't ever do it again. Sure. Tell that to Reagan. And now, not only is he alive while Reagan's dead, the taxpayers have to fork out for his care, and appeals, and potentially college education (maybe he'll graduate like Reagan didn't get to). Sorry, I think this was a huge miscarriage of justice.

Anonymous No. 21219 1521758706

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Anonymous No. 21220 1521758838

All rapists especially paedofaggotfiles but especially when they are niggers/sand niggers deserve to be executed no if ands nor buts about it. It's common fucking sense shit heads!!!

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