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Ms Eva Jinek, the Dutch TV-presenter who sat down with 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Ms Hillary Clinton this week, is known for daring to disagree with her guests.

European politicians who come to Amsterdam to plug an idea or a book know this and it is probably written in their notes whenever someone sits down with Ms Jinek.

In the case of Ms Clinton, it looks like someone might have forgotten to warn her because Ms Jinek opened quite the can of worms when asking about the idea of Ivanka Trump being President of the United States one day (a rumour that was written in Michael Wolff's “Fire and Fury”).

During the interview, former US Secretary of State Ms Clinton sat down with Dutch public broadcasting company KRO-NCRV when she was told the daughter of the current US president, Ms Ivanka Trump, would like to become the first female President of the United States.

"That’s not going to happen," Ms Clinton said.

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At this point, it gets interesting because you can see that Ms Clinton does not expect the interviewer to disagree with her on this.

Ms Jinek responds: "No?"

Ms Clinton: "No," whilst shaking her head…

Ms Jinek: “How Come?”

Ms Clinton: "Well, we don’t want any more inexperienced Trumps in the White House."

To Ms Clinton’s continued surprise host Ms Eva Jinek then goes on: “I think that normally I would like to believe what you’re saying but I’ve also learned that after these elections that things that we don’t expect to happen sometimes do happen….”

Ms Clinton: “Well, that’s true, but you know, fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. And I think the American people have seen for themselves what happens when a reality-TV candidate wins."

"I really believe there’s an enormous amount of pent-up energy to take the country back away from the Trump administration."


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Anonymous No. 21169 1521700013

So not over it….

Anonymous No. 21171 1521701132

Wow, what a delusional cunt

Anonymous No. 21186 1521712975

Another example why she lost…

She can't correctly judge the pulse beat of America, because she is so out of tune.

Obama is Satan No. 21191 1521716637

Hillary lies more than she breathes or falls down stairs

Anonymous No. 21195 1521720433

That cunt talks like she has a say in who becomes president! The interviewer should have said what about oprah after the reality tv star comment.

All I can say is that crusty nasty vindictive cunt better end up jailed or at minimum charged with some major crimes or I will have lost faith in the "draining of the swamp"!

Alexandra No. 21200 1521731700

Yes, we have seen what happens when a reality-TV star wins–and so far we like it!

Anonymous No. 21222 1521760595

The only experience she has is fucking over our country!!! On Ivanka being prez bad bad idea she can be the prez of sucking n riding muh dik!! NO WOMEN IN POLITICS!!! PERIOD!!! NO PUN INTENDED…. Except maybe press speaker n pr secretary

Anonymous No. 21223 1521760667

No women judges too!!! Especially when it comes to family/divorce!!

Anonymous No. 21273 1521799457

we have seen what happens when a reality-TV star wins… stock market up 40%, jobs coming back and lower taxes…. what don't you like lady?

Anonymous No. 21446 1521979129

She's still salty.

Anon No. 21479 1522008318

Hillary Clinton is a fool. She just jinxed herself too. Ivanka will be the first female president of the United States. MAGA!!!!

No. 21483 1522009340

take that Hillary….

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